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something 2 remember

i want u 2 notice when im not around

I went out last night and these were all treasures
Plus someone wrote scrotum on my arm and I stole a Boston Red Sox lighter


Been hemming and hawing about how to show this project! Last weekend I took part in Linework NW and I promised myself I would make a book! So that turned into an accordion book all about a mermaid named Ondine who collects bioluminescent creatures.

This book was created start to finish in six days. My first accordion book since 2003? Whoa! Now I want to do more! Many thanks to my student Wren who helped me cut and fold them in time. I’m going to see about making a little video to show this better, but in the meantime this will do.

More personal projects, more books, more stuff! I am working on a big project but I need to share more and make more little projects.

(via illustratedladies)